rfid card blocker being added to a credit card wallet

Protect your contactless cards with Blockr

You can see how easy it is for a thief to steal your card details by looking here

Adding a Blockr card to your wallet will protect your cards from scanner thieves.

Why buy a Blockr Nano card?

Twice the blocking range of any other card protector

40% thinner than any other card making it less bulky in your wallet

Easy to use just slip one in your wallet

No batteries required draws power from the thief's scanner

Protect your cards todaybuy one of our Blockr Nano credit card protectors.


Your keyless car fobs aren't safe

Look here to see how easy it is for a thief to steal your keyless car by scanning the keys in your home.

If you have a keyless fob your car may be targeted by organised gangs. 

Placing your keys inside one of our Keyblockr products will help prevent your car being stolen from your driveway.

We've sold our products to thousands of customers in the UK. Why not join them and protect your keyless car.

Two sets of keyless fobs and house keys inside a key blocker box