Keyblockr Keyless Car Fob Protector

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  • Help protect from keyless car theft scanner attacks
  • Simple to use – add your key and close
  • Designed for use at home – keeps your key safe at night
  • High quality protective alloy and Faraday lining
  • Free UK shipping
  • Free lifetime warranty

Keyblockr helps prevent car theft from relay device attacks where a thief steals a car from outside your home without having to break in. Keyless car theft has been on the increase for years and our simple to use UK designed key protector will give you one of the best levels of protection available.

Introducing Key Blockr


Our Keyblockr unit makes is simple to help protect your keyless car fob whilst you are at home.

Simply add your fob to the unit, attach the lid and you’re all set.


key blocker box showing deflecting the scanner signal. tin style box
car being stolen from a driveway with family inside the house

Seconds to steal a car


Thieves use a relay device that amplifies your keyfob’s range, and another device near your car which receives the data from the relay and opens your car. It works exactly as if you were stood next to your car with your key.

Most keyless cars are stolen from outside the owners home, without them even realising. It can commonly happen whilst you are asleep in bed. Keyblockr helps protect your keys from this sort of attack.

Blockr protects your keys


We spent 9 months developing the Keyblockr unit to give optimum protection for your car fob. There are three main elements to the design:

- High strength special alloy combination deflects scanner signals

- Internal faraday lining provides an electromagentic shield barrier

- Flush design lid with overlap prevents signal escaping

Unlike most key protection bags whose lining can easily tear, Keyblockr is built to last using the highest quality materials.

keyblockr feature list - faraday lining, scanner resistant container, seamless lid prevents signal escaping
key being added into a keyless car fob protector box

Try it out!


To test, if you have a fully keyless car, simply add your fob to the Keyblockr and hold near your car. It should remain locked.

Other types of cars (such as those with a button-press fob and a start/stop button) work differently so we include full instructions with the unit.

We recommend testing so you can be fully confident with our product. In the unlikely event the test doesn’t work, contact our support team who will help with the test and if necessary replace the Keyblockr unit.

Will it fit my key?


Keyblockr measures 10.5cm tall and 6.4cm across. The usable protected space inside will allow you to hold one keyless fob measuring a maximum of 8.5cm by 5cm along with an attached house key (depending on size).

If you want to store more than one set of keys, check out our other options above.

We’re so confident you’ll love your Keyblockr that we include a free lifetime warranty for accidental damage to the unit. We also offer a no quibble 100% money back guarantee and free returns if you are unhappy with Keyblockr in any way or your key doesn’t fit as you expected.

measurements of the keyblockr faraday tin - 6.4cm by 10.5cm
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Justyn G.


Works perfectly!

Geraldine F.


This item is perfect and actually works


Quality, as long as it keeps working

For a number of years I have had a branded pouch which worked when I purchased it, because I tested it. I read an article which suggested wear and tear stopped them working, which appears to have been the case. I have therefore replaced the pouch with this small well formed and quality tin. It appears well made and blocked the signal when I tested it. It has a lifetime warranty and the tin will apparently be replaced it it stops working. Let�s hope it just continues to do its job and I do not have to ask them to replace it !



Product is fantastic does exactly what it says on the tin. Definitely worth the noney. 5 star product


Not Cheap buy Great Quality

After some scares locally with 'signal amplification' we now use this with both mine and my wife's keys daily. Room for two fobs.