Less than 20 seconds to open your car

A thief doesn’t even need to break into your home. Using what is known as a relay scanner attack, the first thief stands by car with a scanner which sends a signal from the car to the second thief by the door.

They also have a scanner that relays the keyfob signal in your home to the first thief who can then open your car door and drive away.

Keyless car fob placed in car key protector

Introducing Keyblockr

Designed in the UK, Keyblockr has a range of products that protect your keyless car fob.

Our popular brushed metal unit works in three ways: a special alloy is used to reflect a scanner signal, our custom made internal faraday lining provides electromagnetic shielding and the flush seamless lid design prevents signal leakage. Holds one fob with several house keys attached.

Help keep your keys safe

Keep your keyless car fob safe in your home from a scanner attack on your driveway.

With your keys inside a Keyblockr unit, a thief can't use a scanner to open or start your car. 

From a safety perspective we recommend that you don’t hide the unit – if someone breaks into your house your safety is more important.

how to protect a keyless car theft by adding a keyless fob into a blocking tin
keyless car keys inside a faraday protector box is wood style PU vegan leather

Three ways to protect your car keys


Choose from one of our many devices to protect your keyless car!

Our original brushed metallic Keyblockr is available alongside our wood-effect and leather effect easy-clean Blockr boxes and our large pouches, ideal for when you are out and about.

A brand you can trust


We provide full instructions, including how to test your unit so you are fully confident that it will work for you. In the highly unlikely event your Keyblockr is defective, we offer full support to make sure you have tested it properly and if necessary will replace the unit.

We also offer a lifetime accidental damage warranty and unconditional free lifetime returns.

We like to think we treat our customers exactly how we’d want to be treated, so why not give us a go, you have nothing to lose!

large bunch of keys outside a blockr rfid box